Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. We are insured and bonded.

Q: Who will actually be doing the cleaning: yourself, employees, subcontractors, or a franchisee?
A: We have great employees who are thoroughly screened and trained to do the work. The owners are also not afraid to get their hands dirty. We are not a franchise and do not subcontract any of our work.

Q: What type of contract do you require?
A: Advantage does not require a contract. You can simply just be on a month to month basis.

Q: What kind of quality assurance program can we expect? Is it in writing?
A: Both parties sign an agreement of detailed cleaning specifications to assure that everything is being cleaned to the customer's satisfaction.

Q: How will communication be handled?
A: Communication can be handled by a phone call, email, or any form that best suits the customer.

Q: How are complaints handled?
A: If there are any concerns with the cleaning, we will clean it again for free. That is part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Can you provide at least three references?
A: We can provide references upon request.

Q: How much supervision will my account receive?
A: Every account, big or small, receives equal attention from the owners themselves.

Q: Do you use green products?
A: Yes, we can use green products upon request of the customer

Q: Is this a franchise?
A: No. We are independently owned.


Q: How much will the service cost me?
A: The largest component in janitorial service is the cost of labor. The cost of service is dependent upon how many labor hours it takes to do the work.

Q: How will add on services be billed?
A: We bill them separate from your janitorial service.

Q: How do we pay for services?
A: Commercial accounts will be invoiced on the first of every month. Residential accounts pay per cleaning either before or after the cleaning is performed.

Q: What is the process to receive a free estimate?
A: You can contact us via phone or through our website to schedule a free estimate.

Q: Does a green cleaning program cost more?
A: A green cleaning program costs the same as a standard cleaning program.

Q: Do I pay for each cleaning separately?
A: For customers that we provide weekly cleaning or more, we bill monthly. For less frequent customers, we bill for each clean.

Customer Needs

Q: What do I need to supply?
A: We supply all labor, cleaning supplies and equipment for your facility. The only thing you need to supply is paper products, soap, and trash liners. You may also purchase these items through Advantage for a low price, or your own vendor. Our staff is also trained to inform you when supplies are low.

Q: Do I need to be present?
A: It is not necessary to be present for the cleaning crew. In fact, most of our customers are not.

Q: Do you provide day porter services?
A: Yes, we can have a specific person assigned to your account.

Q: What if something should be broken or damaged during the cleaning process?
A: If an item is broken, we will have it repaired or replaced.

Q: How soon can you start cleaning my facility?
A: We can start as soon as you like.

Q: Can we adjust our cleaning levels?
A: We would be happy to adjust your service agreement if needed.


Q: What type of screening process do you do for your employees?
A: Advantage does drug tests and a full background check on each person who qualifies for employment.

Q: What happens if the cleaning staff turns out to be a disappointment? Can I request a different staff?
A: Advantage is always willing to please the customer. We will provide you with a staff that you are comfortable and happy with.

Q: Do you rotate your staff, or would the same staff be there every time?
A: We do not rotate our staff unless requested otherwise.

Q: How do you keep track of your employees entering and leaving the building?
A: Employees are asked to call in and out from your location. The number will always be local and not result in any charges to you. We simply ask permission to use a common area phone.

Q: Can we communicate directly with your staff?
A: You can communicate with the staff or call/email our office for any complaints or special requests.